Workday Integration Studio



Workday Studio is a powerful development tool enabling customers and partners to build experienced integrations to and from Workday. These integrations are deployed and run on your side on integration servers in Workday’s data center.

Workday Studio is an Integrated Eclipse-based environment that permits Workday customers and 3rd parties to create, convey, troubleshoot, and bolster their particular complex mixes running in the Workday Cloud. Unlike the Simple EIB Integrated system, the Workday Studio is not constrained to one information source, one change, or one goal. Instead, Workday Studio can be used to make modern combinations that utilize numerous reports and also Workday Web Service (WWS).

Workday is a cloud-based application that assists human resources, time tracking, payroll, and financial requirements of organizations. Several Universities are using Workday because of the flexibility the system offers, low cost of acquisition; focus on providing the functionality to greater learning, and the combining nature of the functional design process.

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Workday Studio:-

  • Description
  • Goal & Objectives
  • Agenda
  • Welcome To Workday Studio
  • Workday Studio Security Basics
  • Workday Studio Navigation
  • Workday Studio Platform
  • Assemblies
  • Launch Integrations from Tenant
  • Creating Assembly Projects
  • Message Flow Through Assemblies
  • Overview of Assembly Components
  • Scalability
  • Workday Public Web Services
  • Workday Studio Web Service Tester
  • Calling a Workday Web Service Operation from the Assembly
  • Reporting as a Service (RaaS)
  • Store
  • Delivery Service
  • Consolidated Report Viewer
  • Defining & Configuring the Report Service for an Integration

Advanced Workday Studio :-

  • Description
  • Goal & Objectives
  • RaaS
  • Soap API
  • Using XSLT in log message
  • RaaS with Launch Parameters
  • Mediation Context – Variables and Properties
  • Workday Studio Debugger
  • Sub – Assemblies
  • Splitters/Aggregators
  • Workday-In Transport Services
  • Integration Attributes
  • Integration Maps
  • Sequence Generator
  • MVEL
  • Using Parameters in XSLT
  • Route Component
  • Error Handing
  • Retrieval Service


Target Audience :

  1. Any Integration Consultant 
  2. Fresher
  3. Experience