SAP S/4 HANA Hybris Billing



SAP Hybris Billing certification training offers you complete knowledge of charging outputs, master data, order management, etc. With the help of this training, you can understand the various business processes quickly. SAP Hybris Billing gives you the ability required to hold change so that you can modernize the business to provide a better customer experience, finds new revenue streams, and simplify the primary order-to-cash process. It offers a combination of many billing streams and permits the bill to a single invoice. It supports complete revenue management practices.


Chapter 1 – Subscription order management overview

  • Subscription order Management Process flow: How subscription order management works in industries

  • Subscription order Management Components: Understand what components are involved in SOM

  • End to End Process overview


Chapter 2 – Master Data in SOM

  • Business Partner & Business Agreement: Understand Business Partner specific settings.

  • Product Master: Understand How to build products for Subscription order management


Chapter 3 - Provider Order, Provider Contracts & Order Distribution

  • Provider Order Process Flow: Understand How subscription order is created in the system.

    What data is captured in the system

  • Provider Contract: What is a Provider contract?

  • Customizing Details

    • Basic Settings

    • Pricing Configuration

    • Change process set up

    • Status profile

    • Action profile

  • Change Processes for Provider Orders: What kind of change Processes can be executed on a Provider Order


Chapter4 – Integration with SAP Convergent charging & Convergent Invoicing

  • Understanding how to integrate Subscription orders with Convergent Charging and Convergent invoicing

  • Set up integration with Convergent Charging

  • Set up integration with Convergent invoicing

  • Subscription Order Management for B2B Processes

  • Agreements in B2B Process: Understand the use of different agreement types that influence the Billing and Order Management


Chapter 5– Convergent Charging

  • Charging Process - overview : Understand: How Charging works in Convergent


Chapter 6 - Rating Process in Convergent charging

  • Understand how to set up Pricing Components

  • Mapping Tables

  • Subscriber Accounts

  • External Accounts


Chapter 7 - Charging Process in Convergent Charging

  • Understand How to configure Charges

  • Charge Plans


Chapter 8 - Webservices

  • How to set up basic web services for charging in the system


Chapter 9 -Integration with Convergent Invoicing

  • Understand How to Integrate with SAP

  • Convergent invoicing to generate

  • Billable items

  • Objectives


Chapter 10 - Introduction to High volume Billing

  • Billing and Revenue Management Overview: Understand How does high volume Billing is executed in Industries

  • Convergent Invoicing Scope in Digital Billing: Understand What is convergent invoicing


Chapter 11 - Master Data in CI

  • Master Data


    • How to create Customers specific to CI

    • What are Contract Partners and how do use them in High volume billing

  • Business Partner Set up in SAP CI

  • Contract Partner set up

  • Product Concept in SAP CI


Chapter 12 - Convergent Billing

  • Billing Overview in BRIM - Invoicing overview

  • Billable items

    • What are billable items?

    • What information w.r.t to Billing is stored in Billable items

    • How are Billable items stored in the sap system?

    • How can you upload Billable items in SAP?

  • Billable item configuration

  • Billable item Management

  • Billable items integration

  • Convergent Invoicing Overview

    • What are the steps in Convergent invoicing

    • How convergent invoicing differs from Fi-AR

  • Accounting Integration overview

  • Billing Process Execution - Business View: Understand How to generate Billing documents in Convergent invoicing

  • Billing Process Configuration: Understand How to set up Billing document in Convergent invoicing


Chapter 13- Convergent Invoicing

  • Invoicing Process - overview: Understand: Invoicing of Billing Documents Why there is an Invoice and a Billing Document

  • Invoicing Execution - Business View: Understand how to generate Invoices in CI

  • Invoice Process Configuration: Understand How to configure Invoice Process in SAP CI


Chapter 14 - Convergent Invoicing integration with SD

  • Invoicing using SD Invoice: Understand How to set up Invoices using SD Invoices


Chapter 15 - Convergent Invoicing using Consumptions

  • Consumptions and Billable items: Understand

    What are Consumption items

    what is the relation with the Billable items

  • Consumption items set up

  • Consumption item Management


Chapter 16 - Customer Scenarios with Billing

  • Understand: How to manage Customer specific enhancements

  • Master Agreements in CI: Understand Why are Master agreements important in the area of Convergent Invoicing

  • Invoice Agreement: Understand which scenarios Invoice Agreements are used

  • Invoice List: Understand which scenarios Invoice Lists are used

  • Discount Agreement: Understand which scenarios Discount Agreements are used



The trainee should have:

  1. Basic Knowledge of SAP ERP.

  2. Knowledge of SAP Billing, Finance & Order Management process.

  3. Business process knowledge

  4. Gap analysis

  5. Requirement gathering experience


Who should attend this Training?

SAP Hybris Billing Certification course is best for the following professionals:

  1. Business Analyst

  2. Business Process Architect

  3. Change Manager

  4. Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User

  5. Developer Consultant

  6. Enterprise Architect

  7. Industry Specialist

  8. Program / Project Manager