Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical

Course Content

Goals of the Training

  1. Oracle Cloud: IaaS/PaaS/SaaS
  2. Fusion Security
  3. OTBI Report (Analysis and Dashboards)
  4. BI Reports
  5. File Based Data Import
  6. Fusion Financials Extracts
  7. Fusion Cloud UI Personalization
  8. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (OES)
  9. Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) – File Import and Export

Oracle Cloud

  1. IaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. SaaS

Fusion Security

  1. Overview of Fusion Security
  2. Understanding types of roles e.g. job role, data role, abstract roles, duties, aggregative privileges etc
  3. Roles customization using security console
  4. Security Profiles
  5. Setting up data roles

OTBI Report(Analysis and Dashboards)

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to OTBI
  3. Working with Analysis
  4. Hierarchy Colum Approach in Analysis
  5. Format Analysis with Different Approach
  6. Multiple Subject Area to Retrieve data
  7. Create Analysis through SQL Statement(Direct Data Base Query)
  8. Filtering Data for Analysis
  9. Advance Visualization in analysis
  10. Showing Result with Pivot Tables
  11. Working with Additional Views in Analysis
  12. Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards
  13. Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards
  14. Creating Dashboard prompts and variables
  15. Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators
  16. Visual Analyzer and Data Mashup
  17. Working with BI Content in Smart View
  18. Over view of Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile App Designer
  19. Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers like Agents
  20. Administering the presentation Catalog
  21. Direct Database Aalysis
  22. Expression

BI Reports

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher 12c
  3. BI Publisher
  4. Getting started with BI Publisher
  5. Using Data Model Editor
  6. Bursting through Mail and FTP
  7. Working with Layout Editor (XPT)
  8. Using Template Builder to Create RTF Templates
  9. Administration and Security
  10. Scheduling and Bursting Reports
  11. Integrating BI Publisher with Oracle BI Edition
  12. Creating Data Model with other Data Source
  13. Customize Standard Reports with customizations
  14. Performing Translations
  15. Excel and Other Layouts

File Based Data Import

  1. Understand File Based Data Import
  2. Finding relevant documentation
  3. Downloading Template
  4. Preparing the Data
  5. Uploading the data
  6. Scheduling the required jobs for bulk Import
  7. Checking the Logs
  8. FBDI – Daily Rates
  9. FBDI – Suppliers
  10. Financials Extracts
  11. Extract data from Fusion Financials using standard Extract approach

Fusion Financials Extracts

  • Extract data from Fusion Financials using standard Extract approach

Fusion Cloud UI Personalization

  1. Overview of Runtime customization in Fusion Apps
  2. Overview Sandbox
  3. Various ways of Customizing User Interface pages in Fusion Apps Cloud
  4. Integrating a new User Interface Page in Fusion Apps Cloud
  5. Flex Fields
  6. Lookups
  7. Value Sets


Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (OES)

  1. Creating a Job in Fusion Apps
  2. Scheduling a Job using ESS
  3. Verify the Results of the Executed Job
  4. Trigger the job by accessing Fusion SOA Service through SOAP UI
  5. Trigger the job by accessing Fusion SOA Service through Java

Oracle Universal Contenent Management (UCM) – File Import and Export

  1. Publishing BI reports to UCM
  2. Publishing Scheduled Job output to UCM
  3. Accessing UCM
  4. Searching for required files in UCM