Oracle Cloud Payroll

Oracle Cloud HCM Payroll USA / UK

Oracle Cloud HCM Payroll Contents:

Introduction Oracle Cloud Application and Payroll            

Understanding  Payroll Dashboard and work Areas

Setup and Maintenance  task

Overview of Payroll  and Payroll processing

Overview of Data loading

Define common Application Configuration           

Managing Legal Reporting units

Managing Payroll Product usage

Viewing Security details

Defining Pay Frequencies            

Managing Consolidation Groups

Managing Organization Payment method (Org level)

Managing Payroll Definitions

Managing Time Definitions

Managing Run Types

Managing Salary basics

Defining Payroll Elements           

Understanding Element Classifications

Managing Earning and Deductions

Creating Elements Entries and Calculation Cards Creating Elements Entries

Managing calculation Cards

Defining Balance Definitions       

Managing Balance Definitions

Managing Balance Feeds

Managing Balance Exceptions

Managing Balance Groups and Group user

Define Fast Formulas     

Managing User-Defined tables

Creating and Managing Fast formulas

Understanding Fast formula Components

Payroll Run process and Calculating payroll          

Understanding the Payroll Calculation Process

Reviewing Payroll Results

Defining Events Payroll Events Groups Overview

Managing Proration Event Groups

Proration Rules Overview

Managing Retroactive event Groups

Define Payment methods           

Managing Bank Accounts

Managing personal Payments methods

Managing Third Party and third party payment method

Defining Payroll Costing Payroll Costing Overview

Cost Allocation Key flex field Overview

Understanding the Cost Hierarchy

Managing Payroll Costing

Costing in elements

Define Object Groups   

Object Group Overview

Elements Groups

Person Groups

Define Payroll flow Patterns       

Payroll Flow pattern Overview

Payroll Flow pattern Components

Understanding Payroll flow Task

Managing Payroll process configuration

Define Security for Payroll           

Data Roles and HCM Security Profiles

Provisioning users with Roles

HCM Security Profile

Managing Payroll and Payroll Flow Security Profiles

Testing the Setup            

Managing Payroll Flow Task

Running Payroll Using Flow Pattern

Running a Supplemental payroll

Generating payments using a Flow Pattern

Verifying Payroll Run Results