Digital Marketing

Course Content


Module-1: Social Media Marketing

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing & Latest Trends
    • Overview of Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising and Web UX
    • Case Studies around the integrated marketing approach on digital
  2. Starting the digital journey: Building the initial roadmap for a brand online
  3. Understanding the Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Intagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok
  4. Live Project Allocation
  5. Deepdive into the key platforms & Best Practices
    • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Intagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok
    • Live Brand Case Studies discussion
  6. The 3 Vs of new age marketing:
    • Video, Voice & Vernacular
  7. Tools for Content Creation & Hacks
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Influencer Marketing
  10. Campaign Planning & Ideation
    • Psychology of social content & sharing
    • Crafting the perfect Social Media Strategy
  11. Online Reputation Management


Module-2: Digital Advertising

  1. Digital Advertising: Introduction
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. Facebook Platform Advertising & Best Practices
  4. Live Ads Project Allocation
  5. Leveraging the power of Linkedin Advertising
  6. Google Search Ads
  7. Google Display Ads
  8. Youtube Advertising for brand building: World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine
  9. Media Planning & Full Funnel Advertising
    • How to choose the different kinds of advertising channels for different use cases
  10. Programmatic Advertising: Introduction to automation in digital advertising

Module-3: Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Search Engine Optimisation: One of the widely used terms in digital
  2. How Search Engines work & Factors that impact Search Rankings
  3. Top tools for SEO: Competitive Intelligence & Keyword Research
  4. Live Project Allocation
  5. Onpage & Offpage SEO
  6. Local & Youtube SEO
  7. Content-driven approach to SEO & Organic Marketing
    • Driving organic traffic to your website for conversions
  8. Building the 10x Content Strategy
  9. Developing Organic Strategy for brands
    • via Content growth hack
  10. Content Writing 101

Module-5: Ecommerce & Mobile App Marketing

  1. Introduction to Mobile App Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing for Ecommerce
  3. Driving app installs via Digital Ads
  4. App Store Optimization to drive Organic Installs

Module-6: Digital Analytics

  1. Basics of Digital Analytics
  2. Google Tag Manager
  3. Google Analytics: Part-1
    • Data driven approach to digital campaigns
  4. Google Analytics: Part-2
  5. Social Media Analytics & Success KPIs