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Cloud, cloud everywhere most of the industry suffered heavily, albeit a handful of industries. Cloud is the forerunner industry, which actually becomes stronger.
when demand for our services drops significantly. Think about the tourism and transportation industry that has to maintain their expensive data centers, although their market drops 90%.

Forrester predicted Global Public Cloud IT infrastructure market would grow to a whopping 120 Billion USD with 35% growth in 2021:

Cloud Solution

Software Development to be Cloud-Centric
Owing to the remote working norm, cloud technology has surpassed its users compared to last year. It is heavily deployed across various sectors. In the forthcoming future, the software development will be more cloud-centric, will all the data during the software development process getting stored in the cloudy

AR /Ml Technology

Human Augmentation, AR, and Mixed Reality
Since AR and mixed reality are actively used for remote training, healthcare, gaming, and human augmentation enhance human abilities by combining medicine and technology, it is obvious that these technologies will be developing given all the circumstances of the past year.

The approximate pace of the global mixed reality market growth is 73.2% per year in the next few years. And as always, bigger investments and more new projects appearing in the niche means more rapid tech progress and faster implementation of innovations.

Innovative trends in Cloud Computing

Let’s take a look at these 5 innovative trends in Cloud Computing that can benefit small to large businesses altogether:

The Emergence of Digital Natives in the Workforce.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Quantum Computing.

Serverless Computing.

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Our digital technology framework reshapes the customer experience and your value proposition. This digital technology roadmap includes:

Digital strategy—Assessing current business scenarios, defining a clear roadmap and charting the strategy to achieve your digital goals.
Digital experience design—Designing cross-channel user experiences to provide an interactive and unified view across applications, the web and mobile platforms.
Digital development and process engineering—End-to-end digital solutions development, process management and integrations to improve and transform your efficiency.

Digital analytics—Actionable insights in real time to assess an organization’s performance across multiple digital channels.

1.Unhackable internet.

2.Hyper-personalized medicine.

3.Digital money.

4.Anti-aging drugs.

5.AI-discovered molecules.

6.Satellite mega-constellations.

6.Quantum supremacy.

Tiny AI.


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